My Birth Story.

My due date was Nov. 11, 2017.  Come Nov. 14, however, Winnie was nowhere to be seen–felt, and only in the most uncomfortable of senses, but, no, not seen.

I went to the OB for a check-up, and everything looked fine.  She offered to “strip my membranes” to promote labor; I had never heard of the procedure before, but I definitely heard her say, “promote labor,” so I was all in.

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We Tried.

I wasn’t entirely naive when we began trying to conceive (“TTC”).  I had read enough to know that the whole “you will have sex, and you will get pregnant” mindset wasn’t much more than a high school scare tactic, and thinking anything otherwise would be incredibly insensitive to those who struggle to conceive.

Knowing this and bracing myself as I did, however, didn’t make the burden of infertility any less painful when it came to be.

Even now, in retrospect, I can’t quite think of a positive spin to put on it–“Trying” meant “not succeeding” and not succeeding in such a very personal and biological way is miserable through and through.

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